Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Check out Hydeus Kiatta on

Hey Everybody, click on the following link:
Hydeus Kiatta at

I've been scanning in a bunch of old photos and putting them up on flickr, so you should go check them out. While doing so, I came across a bunch from a camping trip to Big Sur I went on in Spring 1990 with Mr. Jeffers and some classmates at RLS. One of those people was Hydeus "Heidi" Kiatta, who I didn't really know very well, other than that she was a really good singer. While it's been 16 years, and most of the specific details have faded from memory, I do remember that she was a lot of fun to be camping with and just an all-around great person. She has a bunch of songs up on, check them out - follow that link and you can read her bio then check out her songs. You can pre-listen to them online, and if you like them, go ahead and pony up the $1/track. It's the right thing to do, plus it'll help her on the road to recovery from cancer.

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