Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Online Hiatus so I can concentrate on Immanentizing the Eschaton

In what will come as shocking and heartbreaking news to the millions, nay, billions of fans of this blog around the globe and into the farthest reaches of outer space, I will be going on an indefinite online hiatus, starting as soon as I finish posting this entry.

Now, I can't completely boycott the internet, not if I wish to continue receiving a paycheck...hmmm.. well, yeah, I guess I do wish to continue receiving a paycheck, so I'll still have to check my e-mail and whatnot, so if you want to reach me by e-mail, go ahead. I'll still be putting pics up on flickr, but not with the regularity that I have been up until now.

In the immortal words of Dave Allen - "Good night, thank you, and may your god go with you."

whyyyyyyyy???? *wringing hands in despair* *gnashing of teeth*
If you read the title, you'll see it's so I can concentrate on immanentizing the Eschaton.
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