Friday, March 24, 2006


Change in Plans

So, when I woke up at 5:38 this morning (yes, there's a 5:38 in the morning), there was this eerie blue glow coming in through my window. At first I thought the mothership had finally returned to rescue me from this galactic backwater, but when I looked outside I realized it was just the western sky. Unfortunately, by the time I got up, performed some emergency ablutions, threw on some shorts, and grabbed my camera, the rising sun had managed to wash out the brilliant blue. I'll try again tomorrow morning when I get up early to try out the new surfboard I bought today with my birthday money (well, new to me anyway).

The Change in Plans in the title refers to the change in birthday bash plans, which will know be held down at Monterey Lanes and my brother's apartment for Karaoke maybe we'll go downtown wreak havoc as well). I'll be sending out an e-mail update and also post a bulletin on MySpace this weekend to let everyone know the details.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Birthday Bash at Boardwalk Bowl, April 1st


Hello Everybody! (Hello TheoBromine!)

(At Soledad High yesterday, Jesus kept trying
to record me on his cameraphone while I was
doing Groundskeeper Willie impersonations).

Anyway, I want to have a birthday party
this year at Boardwalk Bowl in SC on April 1st.
They have Karaoke at 8pm on Saturdays, so I was
thinking of meeting for bowling around 5:30 or 6,
then to Karaoke at 8, and if anyone's interested
maybe to the boardwalk either before or after.

So, just to see if anyone's actually reading this
blog, feel free to let me know if you think you
could make it by adding a comment onto the end
of this post, and let me know how many to expect
so I know how many lanes to reserve. Thanks!

No, it's not an April Fool's Day Joke!

Friday, March 10, 2006


Thoughts on the Oscars

The Oscars were given out this week,
weren't they? Since I didn't watch the
ceremony (I don't have cable/satellite/
antenna (well, actually I do have an
antenna somewhere, but I don't have it
hooked up to my TV)) and I have no
idea who/what won, except that a movie
on race relations (I think that's what
someone said Crash was about)
was voted Best Picture by approximately
5,000 performers, directors, costume
makers, and professional ego fluffers,
instead of a movie about a love story
between two cowboys (which seems to be
what Brokeback Mountain was about,
at least based on the random bits of
information that I've been unable to
avoid.), I hereby nominate myself as
the perfect person to comment on the
hulla-balloo (sp?). Many people seem to
be in a tizzy over this, convinced that
this event has greater meaning beyond
the fact that more of the 5,000 voters
liked Crash than liked Brokeback
; I, personally, haven't seen
either movie so I am being completely
impartial when I say that I don't give
a rat's ass about the Oscars, Hollywood,
actors, directors, costume makers, or
professional ego fluffers (I'm not sure
what a professional ego fluffer is, but
the phrase popped into my head as I was
writing this and I like the way it sounds.)
In fact, I'm almost ready to give up
listening to the news on the radio, since
they don't seem to bother with fact-checking
anymore and it's hard to tell the difference
between the news and "entertainment", they
all seem to be in the throes of some sort
of incessantly incestuous cross-breeding
experiment. Basically, my point is that if
some inbred, insular community in Southern
California wants to hand out trophies to
people, then they should give the trophies
to whomever they want. Perhaps I can make
my point clearer by touching on another
recent controversy of which I've been unable
to remain ignorant: Barry Bonds and steroids.
The problem isn't that baseball players
haven't been living up to their responsibilities
as role models for young people, the problem
is that they're held up as role models for
young people. Has anyone heard the radio
commercial that talks about how the prices of
cable, movies, etc. have all gone up in recent
years while radio is still free? Anyway, these
things are described as "entertainment needs".
Yes, that's right: NEEDS. What, are we becoming
a society of feudal nobility, a bunch of pansy-
assed aristocrats who NEED to be entertained?
C'mon people, lay off the glass teat for a while,
get out and do something rather than trying to
fill the holes in your lives with "entertainment."
"Oh but I just watch PBS/Discovery/the History
Channel." Meh, "edutainment" is the most
addictive of all.

Anyway, I'm boring myself, time to get ready to go bowling.

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